Preparing the Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Preparing twin baby shower invitations is not that easy, whether you are preparing them for a friend, your sister or someone close to you who is expecting twins. Of course, you want them to turn out excellent, thus, the design and wordings should be planned well, as well as the overall theme. If you are in the process of creating a invitation, here are some tips for you.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations Online

Make use of the available resources in the Internet to search for inspirations for the design of the cards. There are so many websites now that sell different types of  invitations so you might want to check those sites so you will have an idea on how the invites should look like.

You can also look for websites that feature DIY tips on creating designs, including themes for twins. There are even videos that will demonstrate how an invitation is made, as well as other online resources that will provide you with a step by step process on creating the outline.

twin baby shower invitations

Creating the Invitation

After you have done enough research and you already came up with an idea in mind on the type and the design of the invitation that you want, then you should be ready to create the  invitations. Here are the steps:

  • Formulate a good wording that suits the party theme well. This should be based on the ideas you have gathered online.
  • Type it in the computer in the best font style and in the most appropriate size and color. Add some designs that will blend perfectly with the overall theme.
  • Print it out on a fancy paper or stationery which you can purchase at any supplies store, along with envelopes. Make sure that the color and the design of the paper and the envelope match well with the overall theme.

Purchase the Invitations

If you think you do not have the time to create the baby shower invitation, consider buying these invites at any store that sells invitations near you. There are even school supplies stores and bookshops that sell them that come with quirky designs and fun themes that are suitable for twins. These often come in a set, so you will have enough to hand out to the guests. You can choose to print the wordings on the invitation or if you think you have nice handwriting, then write the wordings yourself.

As a better alternative, you can order them online. You can purchase a template that you can easily print out at home.

Make sure to hand out the invitations as early as possible so guests will have enough time to think of gifts to give. Also, be very specific with the wordings, especially the place of the event, the date and time. Also, if you need the guests to wear something, then you can mention it on the wordings as well. If you are organizing a surprise party, then include a small note at the bottom of the twin shower invitations informing guests to be discreet with the preparation.