Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates

The right baby shower invitation can say so much about the event as well as the people throwing it.

Simplify Your Baby Shower

A baby shower is a special and memorable occasion that brings friends and family together to celebrate one of the most life changing events that a person can experience—becoming a parent. Planning and throwing a baby shower can seem like a monumental task especially if the person organizing the event is also the mom-to-be or a single person. There is so much to coordinate, from food choices to party games and activities, that it can become quite overwhelming. Small simple changes can be lifesavers in situations such as this, whether it is making the decision to hire caterers and a clean-up crew or something even smaller, such as utilizing free baby shower invitation templates, like the ones we provide here.

The Importance of an Invitation

Obviously, invitations contain vital information that potential party-goers need to have in order to make their own plans, but they can be so much more than that. The right baby shower invitation can set the mood/theme of your shower. Do you expect guests to dress up? If yes, then select a baby shower invitation template that has a fancy or frilly design. Throwing a more laid-back shower? Try selecting a cutesier card, perhaps one with animals or toys and bright colors. What you choose says a lot about you as well as your party.
Baby Shower Invitations

Customizable and Unique

One reason some people shy away from using templates is that they feel as if a template is too generic, too overused, and unoriginal. While it may be true that the templates available here are free for everyone, the template can be just the beginning. Raid your local craft store’s scrapbooking department and stock up on glitter, ribbon, colorful paper, and everything else you need to take your free templates and turn them into unique, gorgeous keepsakes that are totally customized to your specifications.

Attractive Designs

A baby shower invitation should be visually appealing as well as informative. The invitations are really your guests’ first impression of what your shower will be like, which is great for those with awesome invitations, but those who send out invitations that look hastily done or incredibly generic sends the message that that is how the shower will be as well—and no one wants to go to a lame party. Knowing this, we offer an abundance of different designs and styles ranging from funky and fresh to more conservative and traditional approaches. .

We take great pride in our design work and we believe it shows through in our finished products. We carefully choose our color schemes, fonts, artwork, and layouts before combining all elements into one professional baby shower invitation template that is free and easy to download, print, and make your own.