Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Are you currently preparing for the birth of your offspring? Wow! Congratulations! At this very moment, you’re likely brimming with excitement and anxiety. Of course, you’re not there yet. Before your baby’s arrival, you’ll need to prepare and proceed through all of the festive events. One of the most important and fun will be your baby shower. Although the event is mainly considered to be a social get-together, it can serve several different purposes. Planning the event to perfection is truly a necessity and utilizing free baby shower invitation templates can help. Below, you’ll learn more, so you can guarantee your baby shower will be a memorable occasion.

Baby Shower Purpose

First and foremost, it is essential to learn about the underlying purposes of the baby shower. As mentioned above, the event is a good reason to get together with your girlfriends. It’ll also give you the opportunity to celebrate the occasion. Of course, you should also remember that the baby shower is the moment, when your best friends will shower you wish gifts. If you play your cards right, you could very well acquire many much-needed babies supplies, during the shower.

Therefore, you should not overlook the importance of the baby shower. It is not just fun and games and could very well help you setup a good foundation for your child, by giving you the opportunity to acquire the items you need, without spending anything.

Free Baby Shower Invitation TemplatesWho To Invite

Before looking at the available free baby shower invitation templates, it is essential to formulate a guest list. Who precisely should you invite and who should not be given an invite? This is truly a question that you will need to answer on your own, but there are some fundamentals to consider. First and foremost, you need to consider the budget for the event. How much money do you have to play around with? Those that have very little money should keep their list small. This will help you save money on food, drinks and other party necessities.

You should also consider the specific type of baby shower that you wish to host. Do you want a casual event with just close friends and relatives? Or would you like to throw a massive extravaganza? Once you’ve decided, you’ll want to start selecting potential attendees. Immediate family members are truly a necessity. You should also invite your closest friends. Everyone else should be considered optional.

Don’t Forget The RSVP 

Before jumping into the specifics regarding your invitation, you should never ignore the RSVP! In fact, the RSVP could very well be more important than your invitation. The RSVP is simply a request for the receiver of the invitation to respond to your invite. The RSVP is vital, since it will allow you to quickly figure out who will be attending your event and who will not be able to make it. Once you’ve gotten a precise headcount, you’ll be able to figure out exactly how much food and how many drinks you’ll need. You’ll also know exactly how many chairs will be needed and so on and so forth. The RSVP doesn’t need to be fancy. It’ll serve its purpose regardless.

Picking A Theme

Now, it is time to find an awesome invitation for your upcoming baby shower. Have you already picked out a theme for the event? If you have not, now would be a good time to do so. Remember that all aspects of your baby shower need to coincide with your overall theme. This includes your baby shower invitation. Those that opt for a beach baby shower will want to add beach chairs and balls to their invitation’s design. This tiny action can prove to be very helpful and will let everyone know precisely how much effort you put into the event.

Color Scheme

Once you’ve selected a theme, you’ll also want to focus on a color scheme. Again, all aspects of your baby shower need to follow suit. Opting for complementary colors can be an effective way to set the mood. These colors can work in correlation to make your event much more exciting and fun. Just remember to make sure you opt for one of the free baby shower invitation templates that feature the colors you’ve selected.

The Gender

Has the baby’s gender been revealed? If so, the gender should play a major role in the process. Placing the right words, pictures and phrases on the invitation is essential. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use the words girl or princess, if the baby is going to be a boy! If the baby’s gender remains a secret, you will also want to use that to your advantage. Placing a big question mark on the invitation can intrigue your guests and give them something to ponder.


Remember that the design, colors, and content of your invitations will matter very little, if the quality if poor. Make sure you put aside a little bit of money to acquire the highest-quality invitations you can potentially find. If you’ve enough money, you may also want to consider enhancing your invitations substantially with a little customization. Instead of simply printing off one of the templates, you can manipulate it to satisfy each and every one of your preferences. Also, remember that it is possible to opt for soft touch cotton, instead of traditional printer paper. This is highly recommended, if you wish to add a unique twist to your baby shower.

When To Send

Once you’ve worked through the steps above, you’ll need to mail to your invites to your guests. This is yet one more hurdle, which needs to be jumped, before the big day arrives. The truth of the matter is that timing is everything. Sending out the invitations well in advance is highly recommended, since this will give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the event. This will make it possible for your guests to take off of work, hire a baby sitter, and most importantly, acquire a nice gift. Generally, shipping out the invites 4 to 6 weeks in advance is recommended.


Although the invitations might be a minor aspect of the baby shower, their importance is truly paramount. Take your time, select your theme and color scheme, and then construct the most amazing invitations you possibly can. By starting off on the right foot with your invites, you can rest assured knowing the baby shower itself will be an incredible success.